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My minecraft server with some friends. We’ve settled in a nice little valley really close to spawn and it’s starting to grow nicely and look like a village with some really pretty builds.  It’s a survival only server, but if I have any friends i’ve forgotten to invite to it, or I didn’t know you had minecraft and you’d like to join send me a note or skype message or something. 

also Sunny and golly are in the pictures. And golly’s in too many. 

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Another modern house~ Design based on this.
Also features a piston-activated hidden compartment behind a nether portal. 

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starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours

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So, I’ve decided to make a comic showing how Steven Slimeburger and Chip Thunderberry met, and also offering a possible in-universe explanation of Toontown’s closing and Toontown Rewritten’s opening.

The working title is “Fall of Toontown.”

I hope you all enjoy it!

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how to get ur crush to like u: give them a beta key

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Oh look at that, you defeated the final boss

It would be a shame

if they were to have another form

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how to live dangerously: play rpg with no healer in party

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