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I did it kids, I’m finally popular <3

9 asmos versus a tiny elyos 1 star officer in pve gear and they think they’re so good, i find those people most adorable :) ♥

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they’re angry

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When your team is just about to wipe but the boss only got 2% HP left

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Tiamat’s Incarnations ~ Im liking the upper two, They shine more!

Fissure - Wrath - Gravity - Petrification

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Aion Elyos Sorcerer Cosplay by Miyuki Cosplay

Photograpy by Dawei Photography 

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when you’re just outside a pvp zone…

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opened 4 lockboxes in the last two days thanks to the droprate buff, first 2 gave me cruddy manastones, 3rd gave me some fortress crests and 4th…

a permanent “Ruddytail Heorn” which is roughly a $60 mount. 

i’m sooo happy, this is one of my dream mounts. i can’t believe i got this, nor the fact it’s permanent. 

now to think of a name for it. :p
(obviously you can’t name mounts, but still…)

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Sweeeety you are pissing me the hell off. And to think you were one of my fave high level elyos =__=

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